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The following article as published in the local Pohutukawa Coast Times:

The new owners of Gas Maraetai (from left) Josh, Liz  and Mike Annette. The new owners of Gas Maraetai (from left) Josh, Liz and Mike Annette.

Meet the Annette family, the new owners of Gas Maraetai.
The family are from Pokeno where Mike, who has been a mechanic for 30 years, ran an automotive business.

“It was time to get off the spanners and do something different – and something we can do together, a family business,” says Mike.

“We have a boat at the marina and have always talked of moving out here. This suited perfectly.”

Wife Liz and son Josh are joining with Mike to run their new venture (the couple also have a daughter, Sarah). Garry Singh Sandhu is also part of the team.

“Our aim is to bring back forecourt service for the customers. So please ask us if you want oil, water and tyres checked,” says Mike

“We want to bring back that service for the locals, but we need their support as it costs money to have people on the forecourt. So far, everyone has been very positive and can’t believe someone is pumping gas and washing windscreens!” says Mike.

Mike, Liz and Josh have now been at Gas Maraetai for over a month, are getting to know the regulars and are grateful for the positive feedback.

“It’s a cut throat industry and it’s all about volume. If we can get that volume up, then we can keep the forecourt service going,” says Mike.

They also have plans for the shop. One of their first steps has been to bring a slice of Pokeno with them – literally!

They are selling Pokeno bacon, sausages and farm fresh eggs.

“We love it so much we thought we would try it here! Our first lot sold out within days.”

Other changes include increasing the range of fishing products (they are keen fishermen!) and for the first time there is now a range of rodd and reels for sale.
They also want to increase the grocery range, but will take time to find out what locals want. They are keen to get feedback on what they should stock, and what services they should offer.